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This site is about Render programs. What kind of programs, what to render with it. And how the marketing of the software is done. With more exceptions every day, most of the render software buyers are using their own computer hardware, when they step into visualisation. If one is willing to invest in an optimal configuration, then you also can choose between CPU render software, GPU render software and Hybride render software. A real workstation is the wish of every render company.

Most of this Render zone site is in the Dutch language mixed with English here and there. Quite a number of pages are completely in English.

The hype in render software is of course the use of GPU CUDA oriented software with NVIDIA graphic CUDA cards. Or perhaps OpenCL software in stead of common CPU render software. If this hype is worth following, is up to you. We try to give you the grab bars to judge yourself. Choosing for GPU is to invest in a good workstation with one, or better several fast GPU's. But the hybrid form is also a good start where the available hardware at the customer can do it's best.

The large scale of laptop computers in the marketplace does not imply that this is a good basis to use as a professional render hardware platform. Render software (CPU, CUDA, OpenCL) are ever demanding for the full power and per definition a laptop can not give that to the customer. But watch out, GPU based software is not what you might be expecting. It is different and you have to work harder to learn this.

'Integrated Graphics' not a good thing

"The graphics are on all bounderies powerfull. 3D-games are much fluently displayed then ever before." (iMac). Intel HD graphics 5000, Intel Iris Pro Graphics, Intel HD Graphics 6000, 6100, 6200 etc.

"With built-in Iris Graphics and Intel HD Graphics, Intel Graphics Technology delivers rich visuals for new experiences all without a graphics card."


"Forget the graphic card; the real truth and beauty is integrated".


":1 May 2013 ... Even though they've improved greatly over the years, "Intel HD Graphics" has become synonymous with "doesn't play things very well," ...

What had to be changed?

The information about graphics, integrated or real GPU's. Software companies need to tell the story better and before the customer is buying the software. There are even 3D-companies that communicate "Integrated graphics not supported", while if you use it, it seems to work out very well indeed. Unless it is NOT SUPPORTED at all, so that the software does not startup.

We see a trend in the cheaper computers to incorporate Intel or AMD integrated GPU functions (Windows / Mac). There is no physical GPU inside, the CPU is split up in two and one part is 'acting' as an GPU. The main problem is that render brands are provident with their "hardware requirements" in order to explain beforehand what is needed and what is NOT possible. They hesitate to tell the whole story. The graphic functions all work with a seperated part of normal RAM. As we all know RAM is a lot slower then VRAM incorporated in a real GPU in a real PCI slot.

Although the Intel integrated graphic functions are becoming better every four months, with different and holy product names and descriptions plus a lot of marketing stuff. To believe that integrated graphic functions are far better then a normal physic GPU. Of course this trend is also due to the fact that it is cheaper to produce and can be used in even thinner computers. It's cosmetic and trendy and has nothing to do with performance, quality or higher technics. The trend is perceptible with Windows and Mac computers and spread out a large market.

With the ever faster and more powerfull GPU's and the development from NVIDIA and AMD it is essential that you look for the computers that either incorporate an NVIDIA or AMD card, or do have the ability to choose from several typenumbers corresponding to the motherboard and PCI E technical information.

Learn more about the integrated GPUs available with Intel-based Apple computers and the amount of system memory they share.


In this support technical page Apple is telling it rather clear:

"A discrete GPU provides high performance graphics support using discrete video memory. An integrated GPU provides effective graphics support and shares video memory with the main system. In may sales pages of Apple computers the style of presenting Graphics is quite the opposite."


From forum


"Sorry but this game wil NOT work with integrated Intel Graphics."



Why does Apple use Intel Graphics in their Macs?


I see why the devs have a warning against Intel graphics but I cant help wondering how a better processor than mine would perform.


6 years of Processor Graphics

Should I choose Intel HD Graphics or ?

Why gamers still need a discrete GPU with Haswell



This site is also about improvement of the way render companies are marketing and documenting their software in a very crammed market. Where every half year a new render brand is trying to get there new share of the world sales.

There are good examples were render companies listen to the development department and stay close to the very complex technics behind such a program. And one of the first things would be changing or deleting some words in the internetpages where the software is cheered. Reviewing the Intel Graphics are not supported is something that the render companies need to address.

Make the software requirements clearer and more following the daily practice of users. The following step would be to enhance the manuals and think about a seperate "Download free starters manual". And as a follow up to improve the answers in the Forum. A users Forum has important aspects: support, sharing knowledge and trying to get better renders after all. It's all about happy users and would be newcomers (called pre-customers). If the answers of the render company are of low quality and linked to sales and marketing, then there is room for improvement.

It is our interpreting that questions about such a complex program can never be fully answered by users only. A technical involved person, close to the development dept. (and with authority) can answer these questions with a lot more technical know how and backround. Answers need to be given on a daily basis or as soon as possible thereafter.

A Forum is not a COST ITEM, but a win win medium, where new customers are welcomed to buy the new developed good render products. And were existing customers can learn a lot more about the background of rendering and how to improve their own renderings with that render software.

If we can give some sort of a first step or help to make these improvements, then the existance of this site is accounted for.

Software companies need to address the fact that Integrated Graphics support is not a thing of the moment, Intel's new 6e gen introduction is included with 100% HD Integrated Graphics.

So support and understanding is needed in order to give the support to their customers. Perhaps the 6e Gen CPU's will give them a start in now supporting this kind of hardware in the CPU?

Do you want to complain or add something? Please do so, send your E-mail to info at ontmoeting point nl with Subject "render zone". Thanks for attending this Render site.