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24 november 2015 bij RevitCity


KA-RA developer of 3D Immersion software Twinmotion joins the Abvent Group

van Tianxiao

Hello guys,

I want to share with you a news. Our company KA-RA, the developer of Twinmotion, has joined the Abvent Group yesterday. Abvent took over the global distribution and marketing of Twinmotion in 2015, and today we become one big family.

The next version Twinmotion 2017 will be the first update after the merger of our two companies, and it will be the biggest release ever since Twinmotion3. I'm very looking forward to it!

Here are two videos shared by our users recently, I hope you like it.

- Architectural Visualization Twinmotion 2016 by Pasquale Scionti:


• Auto Service & Magazine by Eugene Gorun:


Twinmotion exporter for Revit 2014 - 2015 -2016 is available online.

Development for Revit 2017 exporter is ongoing and will be released shortly.

If you have questions about Twinmotion, don't hesitate to come to us!


19 april 2016

Twinmotion developer KA-RA has joined the Abvent Group, Paris.

mei 2007

Coming soon Twinmotion Design Interactivity & Visualization all in 3 realtime!

Coming soon

5 juni 2007 staat dezelfde pagina nog voor
4 september dezelfde pagina
12 oktober dezelfde pagina
4 november dezelfde pagina
4 december dezelfde pagina

op 5 januari 2008 (meer dan een half jaar later) is er een internetsite van de voorloper van TWINMOTION in beeld. Van KA-Ra Infinity Solutions.

5 jan. 2008 internetsite met voorloper van Twinmotion logo

Duidelijk wordt, dat het niet alleen om een visualisatie bureau gaat, die zich met programmeren is gaan bezig houden.

Op 5 januari 2008 worden de volgende programma's voorgesteld:





Waarbij een jaar later Worldview is komen te vervallen, i-Walk en Skybird lijken te zijn samengevoegd tot een soort van Twinmotion.

Oud contact adres bij de oprichting in gebruik


op 12 november 2008 blijkt de site uit de lucht gehaald te zijn.

18 september 2010 Twinmotion is Coming soon in beeld

30 oktober 2010 Twinmotion 2 wordt aangekondigd op de website


Twinmotion 2 biedt een bibliotheek met meer dan 460 objecten!

By architects and for architects


Realistic Rendering:

Discover how Twinmotion 2 compares with reality


GPU + CPU Optimization

Twinmotion 2 has been developed to exploit current graphics cards more effectively, and to get the best from multi-core processors. The software architecture of Twinmotion 2 has been optimized to get the best performance from your graphics card and central processing units with the aim, in turn, of offering optimal graphics, physics and audio performance.


29 januari 2011

Twinmotion 2 More performant and more stable!
with lots of improvements


1 augustus 2011

Twinmotion 2.3.1
packed with improvements, evolutions etc.
Twinmotion plugin for Autodesk Revit.


27 december 2011

Twinmotion 2.3.2
Improvements and evolutions etc.


20 november 2013

Twinmotion 2.3.2
more performance more stable!

Twinmotion Realtime oude website


10 april 2014

Twinmotion 2.3.2
More performant and more stable!


2 juni - 6 juli 2014 - november 2014

website is uit de lucht


21 december 2014

The Twinmotion Revolution
The 3D visualization software architecture in real time



Twinmotion is compatible with the software you use every day, which means you can integrate it into your workflow at every stage.

Developed to be used with all files types used in the world of architecture, Twinmotion is compatible with standard file types such as FBX, DWG, DAE, and also with Sketchup and Cinema4D native files. Autodesk REVIT files have their own dedicated plugin.

21 maart 2015

de laatste website onder deze domeinnaam:

The Twinmotion Revolution

21 maart 2014 schermadrukken oude website.


6 - 24 april 2015 - 11 - 17 juli 2015

website is verdwenen en zal onder deze naam niet meer terugkeren.

Huidig adres van de visualisatie tak van KA-RA

39-41 rue du jeu des enfants
67000 Strasbourg France
Phone : +33 388 628 140
Fax : +33 388 624 278

Mail :


Galerie met visualisatie voorbeelden

Selection of projects from 2004 - 2013

Project Localization

KA-RA is a highly experienced consultancy and architecture firm with a full design, planning and media creation services.

+ 2013 Digital project and landscaping monitoring of the Bridge of Changanjie. Project management Gejianzhu Architecs, Contracting owner, BMEDI. China

+ 2013 Concept and creation of a 3D Showroom Town for the design and marketing of urban furniture. Contracting owner: JCDecaux. Brasil

+ 2013 Concept and creation of 3D Metro Stations of Paris for the design and marketing of urban furniture. Contracting owner: Metrobus. France

+ 2013 Architectural Concept for the Airport of Hantawaddy. Contracting owner, Vinci. Burma

+ 2013 Architectural Concept and Master Plan for the International Airport of Ashgabat. Contracting owner, Vinci. Turkmenistan

+ 2013 Digital Project monitoring of SANOFI headquarters, Project management Valode & Pistre, Contracting owner, Bouygues Immobilier Gentilly. France

+ 2013 Architectural Concept for the International Airport of Rangoon. Contracting owner, Vinci. Burma

+ 2012 Detention facility of Papeari. Project management, Architecture Studio. Tahiti

+ 2012 Concept and creation of a 3D Showroom Town for the design and marketing of urban furniture. Contracting owner: JCDecaux. France

+ 2012 Detention facility of Riom. Project management, Architecture Studio. Contracting owner, APIJ. France

+ 2012 Detention facility of Lutterbach. Project management, Architecture Studio. Contracting owner, APIJ. France

+ 2012 International Airport of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. Project management ADPI, Contracting owner ATOL. Mauritius

+ 2011 Concept and project planning for the Airport of Sihanoukville. Contracting owner Vinci. Cambodgia

+ 2011 Business district of Strasbourg/Wacken. Project management, Christian de Portzamparc, Contracting owner, Bouygues Immobilier. France

+ 2011 Extension concept study for the International Airport of Phnom Penh. Contracting owner Vinci. Cambodgia

+ 2011 Scenario, scenography and object design for JCDecaux on the CDG2 platform, Terminal 2E. France

+ 2011 Concept and project planning for the Chambery Airport and VIP Lounge Extension. Contracting owner. Vinci France

+ 2011 Concept and project planning for the International Airport of Doushanbe. Contracting owner Vinci. Tadjikistan

+ 2011 Detention facility of Valence. Project management, Architecture Studio. Contracting owner, APIJ. France

+ 2011 Scenario, scenography and object design for JCDecaux on the Orly platform, Airport Hall2. France

+ 2011 Digital Project monitoring of the AEROVILLE shopping mall, Project management PCA, Contracting owner, Unibail-Rodemco. Roissy. France

+ 2011 Digital Project monitoring of the Noisy le Grand City Hall construction, Project management Chaix & Morel associes. France

+ 2010 Digital Project monitoring of the Michelin research, developpement and innovation center, Project management Chaix & Morel associes. France

+ 2010 Digital Project monitoring of the restructuring of the multimodal cluster and town center of St Germain en Laye. Project management, Arep. France

+ 2010 Study and Project monitoring of the 2B Terminal for the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. France

+ 2010 Study and consulting on the shopping mall "SO Ouest", Contracting owner Unibail-Rodemco. Levallois Perret. France

+ 2010 Study and consulting on the residential and leisure center, Istanbul, Project management - Contracting owner, YPU. Turkey

+ 2010 Study and consulting on the multiplexe, cinema, shopping mall and leisure center, Istanbul. Project management Turkmall. Contracting owner, YPU. Turkey

+ 2010 Study and consulting on the new deep water seaport of Pointe-Noire. Congo.

+ 2009 Digital Project monitoring of the new district of Bel-Air at St Germain en Laye, Contracting owner, St Germain en Laye. France

+ 2009 Digital Project monitoring for the Military Command Center NASCO, Project management & Contracting owner Oger Internationnal. Riyad. Saudi Arabia

+ 2009 Digital Project monitoring of the Athens Theater. Project management, Renzo Piano Building. Greece

+ 2009 Digital Project monitoring of the terminal A, C et Liaison AC, of Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle. Paris

+ 2009 Project monitoring of the Pointe Ý pitre Airport. Project management : Jean-Michel Fourcade and Christine Fremont. Guadeloupe

+ 2009 Study and consulting on the green district of Bretigny-sur-Orge, France. Contracting owner , Sorgem. France

+ 2009 Urban study of the historical center of the city of Gaziantep. Contracting owner City of Gaziantep. Turkey

+ 2008 Digital Project monitoring of the municipality of Rome. Project management, Claude Vasconi. Italy

+ 2008 Concept and project planning of the Astana university. Contracting owner YPU. Kazakhstan

+ 2008 Digital Project monitoring the new Michelin headquarters, France. Project management, Chaix et Morel. France

+ 2008 Concept and project planning for the Yamoussoukro new city. Ivory Coast.

+ 2008 Toulouse Blagnac Airport Extension, Project management, Cardete Huet Architect. Contracting owner SA Airoport. France

+ 2008 Study and consulting on the Istanbul Cultural headquarters, Turquie. Contracting owner City of Istanbul. Turkey

+ 2007 Auguste Perret Center, Project management Claude Vasconi Architect, Contracting Owner City of Amiens. France

+ 2007 Digital Project monitoring of the train station of Naples, Italy, Project management Zaha Hadid. Italy

+ 2007 Study and consulting, Saint Vincent de Paul School, Contracting owner City of Marseille. France

+ 2007 Forbach Town hall Extension, Contracting owner City of Forbach. France

+ 2007 Study and consulting on the new buisness district of Monrovia, Contracting owner Liberia Gouverment. Liberia

+ 2006 Digital Project monitoring of the Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg, Project management Zaha Hadid. Allemagne

+ 2006 Digital Project monitoring of the 2E Terminal reconstruction, Project management & Contracting owner ADP, Roissy. France

+ 2006 New 2G Airport terminal, Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle. France

+ 2006 Landscape and environment study of the City of Sinnamary, Contracting owner Mairie de Sinnamary. Guyana

+ 2006 Metallic structures study for the port of Hong Kong, Project management, Bernard Viry. Contracting owner City of Hong Kong. China

+ 2005 Buisness Class Lounge planning. Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle. France

+ 2005 Digital Project monitoring South Shanghai intermodal station. Project management AREP. Contracting owner East China Archi. Design Institute. China

+ 2005 Consulting for the City of Forbach restructuring. Contracting owner, City of Forbach. France

+ 2004 12 Train station Concept for Dubaï, Contracting owner AREP. Contracting owner City of Dubaï. Arab Emirates

+ 2004 Dexia banking entry hall redesign, Project management, Claude Vasconi. Luxembourg

+ 2004 Urban Impact Study, signal tower. Contracting owner, Semarelp - City of Levallois. France

KA-RA's focus is rooted in the field of computer assisted architectural design and urban visualization.

Pioneers in the sector, KA-RA soon developed a new and innovative 3D real-time technology. Following the experience acquired over the years, Twinmotion was developed to integrate the design and visualization process, the technology is dedicated to the specific needs of architecture and town planning, generally for complex or large scale projects.

KA-RA was founded by architects Raphael Pierrat and Laurent Vidal who are are supported by a team of experts in 3D simulation. KA-RA is the combined expertise of architects, software engineers and graphic designers specialized in 3D with the mission of developing new ways of thinking, creating and communicating in architecture.

The 3D real-time simulation developed by KA-RA offers technicians and decision makers the capacity to fully control every construction or planning project by visualizing a realistic, interactive 3D virtual model.

This represents a considerable advance in the way projects are approached.

Twinmotion 1 was quickly adopted by some of the biggest names in the sector and have improved their design processes with a more natural, integrated and creative use of visualization.



Thoughts on digital architecture

We've been developing architectural projects for over ten years.

We're like all architects: we ask a lot of our digital tools by daring too much and hoping: often realizing that the tool isn't suitable for what we want to do, or that it prevents us from leveraging its full capabilities because of it's complexity.

The complexity of such tools can not only render them daunting but worse they can make us forget the essence of the idea that we want to express, sidelining us into the meanders of 3D standards: default lighting, default rendering, dull camera movements.

What seems to us primordial in virtual design;

That is, it's not very Virtual.

We felt it was important for us to be able to communicate our most wild ideas with the greatest simplicity, but it was a mistake to believe that 3D design studios would give us an easier life.

So, several years ago, we decided to fill in what we felt was missing from those software dedicated to 3D design and architectural communication, and gave birth to Twinmotion.

But a tool is worth nothing if it stays just theoretic, and it's on projects with agencies like Zaha Hadid Architects, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Agence Tabanlioglu and Airoports de Paris that Twinmotion has proved itself.



The result exceeded our hopes: we held a tool which not only saved us precious time on every project but also allowed us to express ourselves better, more easily, more naturally.

Pushed by our partners, we decided to continue the development which gave us Twinmotion 2, a tool which we hpe is going to make the lives of many architects much easier.

Twinmotion 2 has numerous advantages, it would be difficult to describe them all here in just a few words, but you will be able to learn more about them if you come back regularly to this blog, and to the site which will accompany the launch of Twinmotion 2.

We have created some video snapshots which will help you to quickly understand the potential of the tool. Every one of these videos offers an insight into a specific aspect of Twinmotion 2 and the possibilities that it presents.

Stay tuned to learn more, I'll be back soon.

Raphaël Pierrat, Architect CEO Twinmotion


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