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Abvent, fabrikant van Artlantis, Render[in], iVisit en Twinmotion

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Going Back

Back in the early 1990's Barry Isakson's popular Apple event "Day in The Life of an Architect" would typically showcase Artlantis among the many other tools of the day. That is how long Artlantis has been a leader in the 3D visualization space in AEC.

The market since the 1990's has become saturated with global software talent from the likes of the Bulgarian crew behind V-ray to development houses in Scandinavia and Spain. Despite this, Abvent has continued its leadership and with the latest acquisition of another noteworthy new company, Twinmotion, the Abvent Group has interesting prospects ahead of it despite a sea of interesting and highly talented competitors.

Head of Twinmotion Development Takes New Role at Abvent

As part of the merger, for which no financial information of the transaction was either officially released or made available in subsequent inquiries by Architosh, it has been learned that former head of KA-RA, Raphael Pierrat, has become the Chief of Development at the Abvent.

As the new Chief of Development, Raphael Pierrat will manage the visualization and 3D immersive department moving forward. As noted in the news earlier this week, both the marketing and the R&D teams of each respective company will be fused going forward.

Published 22nd April 2016 17:02




Twinmotion developer KA-RA has joined the Abvent Group


21 april 2016

More News of Twinmotion-Abvent Merger: Switching Heads of Development

by Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA, LEED AP

Head of KA-RA at Twinmotion will lead new combined Abvent unit.



Raphael Pierrat

Professor Special d'Architecture de Paris and Manager Founder/CEO of Twinmotion.

Before that CEO KA-RA & Twinmotion.