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Gepubliceerd op 19 dec. 2014

Ray Tracing

Lecture 15: A Ray Tracing algorithm is described.


Shaddows Part 2

19 dec. 2014

Lecture 19: Description of how depth buffers can be used to render shadows.


Ray Tracing bij Altera, inmiddels onderdeel uitmakend van Intel.

Kennelijk bedoeld voor militaire toepassingen

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1 miljoen polygonen met Real Time Ray Tracing voor Androïd smartphones en tablets

met OpenCV en OpenCL.

1 Million+ Polygon Real Time Ray Tracing in Altera FPGA

Gepubliceerd op 18 feb. 2014


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A demonstration 1 million+ polygon real-time ray tracing in Altera FPGA for unprecedented reality-like graphics for military simulation; including, true shadowing, including of natural colors, realistic reflections, global refraction & transmission impact.


It is an old Whitted ray tracer. With only perfect specular shading and punctual light source, this is perfect. But in order to simulate diffuse shading and area light, it needs an distribute ray tracer typically by using Monte Carlo method which requires at least 128 times more samples for each pixel to converge.

Now give us OpenCL FPGA that aren't extremely pricy. And RayCore 1000 is a waste on smartphone, put it on high end Nvidia/AMD card and we are talking

+Antonio Amigo That's not what a Ray Tracer does, that's more of a physics simulation. Ray Tracing takes care of the graphics and lighting.